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Conscious Footsteps

Inspired by the author's deep search for life's meaning, Conscious Footsteps is a companion for finding Spirit in ordinary life. By seeing how Spirit manifests in your daily affairs, you can reframe and conquer any challenges. The underlying assumption is that you won't find Spirit by moving away from the world; you find it by going more open-heartedly into ordinary life. Posing questions that inspire answers – your own answers – it will awaken you to find love, peace and fulfillment even in the midst of turmoil.

Let it offer you hope in the midst of turmoil and inspire you to awaken your own inner wisdom. Open to any page at any time and let it inspire your day.

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Each chapter is like attending a soul-inspiring event –a true treasure for those ... open to finding themselves magically expanded ... and intimately transformed.

     ~ Bill Bauman, author, Soul Vision: a Modern Mystic Looks at Life through the Eyes of the Soul


What Astrology Reveals about 2013

Dianne's annual peek into the possibilities and challenges of the year ahead will help you make decisions and anticipate optimum timing for taking actions that lead to success and happiness in 2013. Understand the timing and effects of key cosmic events increase your ability to minimize challenges and maximize opportunities. Includes one-hour recording and a handout detailing key dates for the year.

I have to tell you how enjoyable the presentation was. I love how you tell what happened last time the influence was around and also generalize how we can view the influences in our own life. Also, love your spiritual references. Just fascinating!  ~ Mary K.

How I Wrote, Published & Launched a Bestselling Book

Have you ever wanted to write a book? Think it is too big a mountain to climb? Maybe not. Dianne shares what steps she took leading to her book, “Conscious Footsteps: Finding Spirit in Everyday Matters,” becoming an Amazon #1 bestseller. In this teleseminar, she shares her thoughts on these vital subjects: 1) finding your voice, summoning self-discipline and allotting the time to write, 2) deciding whether to seek a traditional publisher or to self-publish, 3) researching the best publisher and understanding the publishing process, and 4) devising and implementing a book marketing strategy. One-hour recording of teleseminar held 12/1/10 includes detailed handout of resources discussed for writing, publishing and launching your book.


Flip Negatives to Positives: Tips for Thriving in Change and Uncertainty

Are changes in your world bringing up fear and worry for the future?  When things you used to depend on are fall apart - job, relationship, finances, etc. - don’t lose heart. This e-book gives practical tips you can use to change your experience of what is occurring and take steps to create the future you desire. Learn how to “flip negatives to positives” and find more joy and fulfillment in every day. 51 pgs