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Birth Chart Interpretation - Understand your innate gifts and challenges, why you are here and what is your potential; confirm and enhance your self-worth; and thus live as your authentic self.

Year-Ahead Forecast – Prepare for probable changes (opportunities and challenges) ahead as seen in planetary transits, secondary progressions, solar arcs and, when appropriate, solar returns. Rather than "bad news" or "good news," opportunities to grow and develop a greater sense of yourself and your destiny are discussed.

  • New Client Astrology Reading

    New Client Astrology Reading

    Birth Chart and Year-Ahead Forecast 90 minutes with recording and optional 15-minute follow-up call within 30 days $225.00


(current clients only)

At your birthday, the New Year or any other time receive an updated forecast for the year ahead. See Year-Ahead Forecast above.


(under 12)

Understand a newborn or young child's personality and individual needs as revealed in their birth chart. Gain valuable insights that can enhance your relationship with your child and improve the quality of your parenting.


(between two people)

Individual birth charts are compared and a composite chart is interpreted to provide assistance in understanding differences and appreciating similarities. The aim is improving relationship dynamics for any type of relationship. Finding whether it is a "good" or "bad" relationship is not the purpose.


Increase your potential for success and happiness by electing a favorable time to be married, start a business, sign a contract, schedule surgery, sell your home or make a major move. Any human endeavor can be optimized by choosing an auspicious time.

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You never have to feel stuck again. Beyond your astrology reading, I offer supportive mentoring to help you manage your life’s journey through external challenges – relationship, career, finances, and health. Let me be your cheerleader to remind you of the unlimited resources contained within you.

Together we will…

      » Discover the meaning and significance of the issue to find understanding
      » Reframe the issue by taking a spiritual/evolutionary approach
      » Envision multiple possibilities to choose from
      » Uncover self-sabotage and limiting beliefs
      » Plan a practical course of action that leads to what you desire

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